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Education Interface 2023 to be organized from 26th to 28th May 2023


  • India’s top rated Universities & Institutions under one roof.
  • Education Fairs offer a wonderful platform where students can interact with the universities of their choice and interests.
  • In order to check if students meet the eligibility criteria for an admission to a specific university, there is no way better than to directly communicate with the university representatives. And, an education fair offers such an opportunity at no extra cost.
  •  The experts may even help the students to understand both their strong areas and areas where they need to work so as to create a stronger profile.
  •  By attending such fairs, students can get to explore a vast number of higher education options that match both their potential and interest.
  • It is quite a possibility that students were earlier missing out on a number of opportunities that may, otherwise, can easily be grabbed. The reasons could be their limited knowledge or restricted access to the available options.
  • During such fairs,  there are many seminars which are pre-planned in order to offer an enriching experience to its participants that is full of learning and enlightenment. The speakers are the distinguished counselors, heads, and representatives from renowned universities. They are the ones who possess a great deal of experience in dealing with admission cases of the students from different institutions.
  • Last but not the least – An education fair presents student with a golden chance to explore different work options in the study destination of their choice. The representatives will enable a better understanding of their post-study work rights along with employment rights while they are studying.

Students shall get:

  1. One to one Guidance & Counselling.
  2. Feel of the University.
  3. First Hand Knowledge.
  4. Opportunity to clarify any doubts.
  5. Explore the possibilities of Financing.
  6. Know about Scholarships.